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Downpipe Roll Forming Machine

Downpipe Roll Forming Machine

Pressing speed: 10-25M / MIN

Pressing thickness: 3-8mm

Host power: 20KW

Control system: Panasonic PLC Omron encoder

The Advantages of Downpipe Roll Forming Machine:

Zhengchuang Downpipe Roll Forming Machine components: the machine mainly by the discharge machine, feed into the platform, forming the host, forming shear device, hydraulic station, computer control system composed of several parts and with the use of the edge of the machine. Roll gate machine optional configuration of the general discharge machine, hydraulic discharge machine.

Downpipe Roll Forming Machine

The Application of Downpipe Roll Forming Machine:

Roll gate is widely used in a variety of industrial plants, warehouses, garages and supermarkets, shopping malls outside the door and the production of the firewall. Anti-theft performance superior to traditional doors, has become an indispensable daily necessities of daily life.

Downpipe Roll Forming Machine


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