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CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine

The power of the principal electric motor: 11kw

The speed of the roll-in: 12-15M/min

The size of the shape equipment: 10.3×1.5×1.2m

The gross weight of the equipment: 10 T

The Advantages of CZ Purlin Roll forming machine:

Accessories: one set of the stacking shelf, one set of leveling mechanism, one set of punching and cutting mechanism, one set of hydrodynamic station, one set of computer control system (Panasonic programmable PLC, touchable display screen, a series of Panasonic transducers, and OMRON encoder) a set of material shelf

C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine

The Application of CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine:

Cold formed members can be efficient on a weight basis relative to mill rolled sections for secondary member applications. Additionally, Z sections can be nested for transportation bundling and, on the building, lapped at the supports to develop a structurally efficient continuous beam across multiple supports.

CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine


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